Serialization – Track & Trace

"The Serialization Experts, Making Global Serialization a Reality"

SAP provides the world’s leading platform for enabling real world visibility of your supply chain. M10TEK consultants deliver unmatched experience and subject matter expertise in these and many other SAP solutions. SAP has extended its ERP solution with a growing suite of powerful Supply Chain Management (SCM) products. The industry solutions and components that form the backbone of mass serialization.

  • SAP’s Flagship Auto-ID Technology (AIT) platform, the SAP Auto-ID Enterprise (AIE), which includes the Auto-ID Infrastructure (AII), Object Event repository (OER), out-of-the-box scenarios on Process Integration (PI), and BI content for reporting and analytics. Real-world mobile RF and scanning technologies (barcode and RFID) are integrated into SAP through these solutions.
  • SAP ‘s implementation of the DoD specific IUID solution can be implement with SAP AIE (Auto Identification Enterprise) and complementary modules in SAP’s Enhancement Package 3 and above for SAP ERP.
  • SAP Extended Warehouse Management (EWM) adds serial number integration to its truly distributed warehouse management solution.
  • ATTP is a pharmaceutical specific solution that addresses the regulatory requirements for Serialized Track & Trace. It is designed and built specifically to address the expected data volumes, data query and regulatory reporting required by this regulation.

At M10TEK, our Serialization experts recommend a straightforward approach to Serialization.

  • First we evaluate your business strategy to determine pain points, optimizations, cost savings, quality improvements and revenue drivers among others as they relate to serialization.
  • Second we take a deep dive through each high-level process, step-by-step, evaluating business best practices and making decisions that best align with your business needs and long term strategy.
  • Third we consider how M10TEK can leverage its vast Track & Trace experience, best practices, preconfigured SAP certified industry solutions and M10TEK built industry specific solutions, to drive an end-to-end solution.
  • Finally, we consider the integrations points required to support a global or regional serialization solution and the benefits with native integration to SAP and an open scalable architecture that will enable you to leverage this solution with multiple ERP and Warehouse Management solutions both internally and externally with partners and customers.

M10TEK consultants have implemented AIT solutions across a broad range of industries.

  • Hi-Tech Electronics
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food and Beverage
  • Sporting Equipment
  • Soft Goods (Fashion, Apparel, Footwear)
  • Consumer Goods
  • Oil and Gas
  • Aerospace and Defense
  • Consumer electronics
  • Chemical
Serialization in the Cloud

Serialization in the Cloud (SIC) delivers powerful SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions supporting “Item Level Serialization” in compliance with global regulations and industry standards, hosted on the cloud.

The Number Range Management Service (NRMS) and Authentication and Traceability Service (ATS) provide products and services designed for any size manufacturer or supplier implementing Serialization, Track & Trace, Brand Protection, Product Authentication, and Anti-Counterfeiting business processes.

Whether or not you are facing the challenge of just beginning to implement a solution to uniquely identify your products or if you have already converted your processes, our SIC solution can simplify your challenge, save time, costs, and speed your participation with other partners, supplies and participants in the “world-wide validation network”.

Embracing a broad range of global standards including EPCIS and other complying registries, M10 delivers the specific features you need, the experts to insure a successful implementation and a range of hosting models affordable at all levels. Whether you have a custom, commercial or enterprise marking solution, “Serialization in the Cloud” will allow you to implement a true Track & Trace solution quickly and effectively.

The scalable solution reduces your initial investment, allowing you to maximize value along with your business needs. M10TEK SIC offers fully hosted, distributed, semi-private and private installations of all of its platforms. Companies can start with our hybrid cloud model, subscribing to the essential management services and can evolve or grow into expanded services as needed. We provide complete mobile and web-based applications to immediately enable authentication, track & trace, regulatory reporting and more.

Our “Open Enterprise Services Architecture” (OESA) delivers a full range of all the functions via our published Application Programming Interface (API), enabling customers to integrate key features into new or existing custom applications or systems to be compliant within industry specific standards.

The SIC products and solutions have been developed by leading industry experts, drawn from decades of experience and dozens of successful implementations exceeding these requirements across all industries.