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Level Above

Senior or Principal Consultants generally span all functional and technical areas of SAP solutions. If SAP has a product or industry focus, there is a Platinum Consultant somewhere who specializes in it.

Superior Knowledge

Platinum Consultants are not limited to providing typical system-based consulting. As SAP customers and the industry have changed over the years, it is not enough to have superior product knowledge. The best consultants must also be change agents who can help customers architect new business solutions, solve problems, and extract more value out of their SAP solution.

Product Expertise

The primary qualification for a Platinum Consultant is product expertise. They need to have expert-level knowledge in their area of focus above what one would expect from a Senior Consultant.

M10TEK Platinum Consultants have extensive SAP networks. They know the developers who wrote the solution, the trainers who author and teach the classes, the sales personnel who sell it, and even those in who supported it.

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