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M10TEK is the premiere SAP® Digital transformation agency and has been a trusted SAP Premiere Partner for over 20 years.

M10TEK leverages a portfolio of top 5% SAP platinum consultants to optimize a brand’s investment in SAP digital business products and services. M10TEK deploys the best of the best: only the top SAP platinum consultants that support SAP digital business services.

Unlike other partners who support a wide scope of software from multiple vendors, SAP technology is all we do! We are the certified SAP experts.

M10TEK’s turnkey suite of innovative SAP Business Solutions enables brands to solve the industry’s biggest challenges while driving new digital revenue opportunities.


SAP Retail, introduced many years ago, is a fully integrated retailing system. The solution helps stores to map and track all processes to build a model company, and provides that crucial link in the logistics chain, in the journey from consumer to vendor. SAP Retail also allows changes in any organizational structures, such as franchising.

SAP’s Fashion Management application was developed in 2014. It is an integrated solution developed with fashion brands, for fashion brands. This was done with inputs from many leading fashion brands and retailers, and collaboration with a leading retail consulting group. The solution helps merge wholesale and retail operations in one single SAP HANA platform.


  • The business process area of retailing includes procurement, storage, distribution, and sale of merchandise.
  • SAP Retail supports both wholesale and retail scenarios.
  • SAP Retail includes assortment strategies, retail formats, logistics, distribution, calculation of sales prices, promotion management, receipt of goods, billing, invoice verification etc.
  • SAP Retail helps businesses (or stores) optimize deployment of their inventory.
  • Having a retail solution helps businesses deliver a consistent message or brand experience across all their channels and operations.
  • Enables businesses to administer control checks in managing the flow of merchandise
  • Free information exchange among vendors, retailers and consumers.
  • In recent years, SAP ERP / SAP Fashion Management System has been used as back-end, but also the new solution SAP S/4HANA Retail for merchandise management.


M10TEK’s channel partnership retail program offers many highlights such as:

  • Business Analysis
  • Requirements definition
  • Infrastructure Review
  • Planning
  • Business Case Development
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Implementing Best Practices
  • Quality Assurance & Risk Assessment
  • Preparation & Evaluation


  • M10’s retail channel marketing solutions offer the ability for businesses to adapt their ever-changing needs globally
  • Can help increase revenues, margin and efficiency
  • The solutions offered include back-up planning, which means if things did not work as anticipated, we can help identify problem areas and get projects back on track.
  • Our retail solution articles offer expertise in assessment and customization of plans to fit individual client needs.
  • Our experience in ERP and systems implementations has enabled us to identify project risks and remedies.
  • Our recruiting and delivery teams work together daily with our seasoned staff of industry consultants.
  • Our team of experts in in-depth business process analysis is available to be part of the solution, both immediately and anytime.
  • Our team comprises many platinum consultants who configured and designed solutions, stay engaged long after major projects have been completed.