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SAP SuccessFactors human experience management – or HXM – helps entirely reinvent the entire employee experience, and equip organizations to create the kind of engagement that delivers consistent and measured improvement in performance. With HXM your customers have an enterprise-wide system of action that improves the everyday experience of your people. 

Create Engaging, Employee-Centered Experiences with Human Experience Management

Experience matters

In the experience economy, companies need to invest in and deliver great employee experiences to achieve better business results and outperform the competition. With the impact employee experience has on engagement, retention, and the bottom-line – it’s become a strategic priority for HR leaders.

People want exceptional experiences, but often there is a significant gap between what employers think is happening and what actually is happening. Leaders need to combine employee experience data with operational data, so they can listen, understand, and take action.

As the next evolution of human capital management (HCM), human experience management (HXM) is a new way of delivering software that is designed completely around what employees need, how they work, and what motivates them. HXM shifts the focus from supporting traditional HR processes to delivering experiences that put employees first, and as a result, serve the business better. SAP SuccessFactors Human Experience Management (HXM) Suite provides powerful solutions for core HR and payroll, talent management, employee experience management and people analytics to empower employees while enabling HR leaders to accelerate business growth. The suite is unique in that it builds on the best of HCM and extends it to create truly dynamic, engaging, and employee-centered experiences.

Create Meaningful, End-to-End Experiences

HXM reflects the need for organizations to go beyond simply facilitating transactions to truly reinvent employee experiences. It starts with creating meaningful, individualized end-to-end experiences – whether they are for candidates, new hires, employees, managers, or HR leaders. These experiences transcend the traditional silos of HR processes. By allowing people to do things more easily, they become more productive. Based on intelligent design, these HXM experiences are collaborative yet personal, and memorable. For example, when developing employees, SAP SuccessFactors solutions can help you to create ongoing, dynamic, and personalized experiences that focus on the needs of each individual. The solutions provide guidance and “nudges,” so people discover new opportunities to develop and grow. With powerful career exploration tools, anytime coaching and feedback, personalized learning recommendations, and intelligent mentoring, you can empower your employees to take charge of their careers.

In addition, SAP SuccessFactors provides robust analytical and visualization tools to help you ensure the right positions are filled by the right people at the right time. They also help you listen to your employees and use those insights to build and adapt the most effective benefits, compensation, and leadership initiatives to push your business strategy forward. Powerful collaboration tools also help you keep employees connected and engaged. Our enterprise collaboration solution brings people together to drive company-wide results.

Tap into Intelligent Technologies

Built on an intelligent framework, SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite has embedded technologies within and across every experience. These enablers streamline processes and connect to hearts and minds within the organization. Everyone is given a voice with the ability to provide feedback, collaborate, and connect in a personalized way.

Central to our intelligent technologies are the following principles:

Efficiency: Enable employees to complete tasks quickly, using conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to resolve questions with chat bots and robotic process automation to remove non-value tasks.

• Personalization: Give employees the individualized, curated content they need to perform their jobs and further their careers, with machine learningbased “nudges” and recommendations that provide contextual guidance specific to their decisions and actions.

Action: Facilitate a two-way conversation between employees and the organization, offering ways to provide and react to feedback, engage in enterprise-wide collaboration, and participate in communities and connections to expand networks.

Combine “The What” and “The Why”

The SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite includes powerful experience management capabilities that help you close experience gaps by combining rich “people data” and transactional HR data (O-data) with valuable experience data (X-data). You not only learn what is happening with your workforce – such as how many candidates are accepting or rejecting offers, which employees are leaving the organization, and how fast it takes to get to full productivity for new hires – but also why those things are happening. The solutions help you understand the employee beliefs, emotions, and intentions – that is, the sentiments that influence why candidates accept or reject offers; that influence why employees leave the organization; and that influence the effectiveness of new hire training, development, and time to productivity.

With tools to continuously listen to your workforce and understand where there are experience gaps for both individuals and teams, you can take the right actions to strengthen engagement, drive development, and create a motivated and productive workforce.


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Embrace the Ecosystem

To help you further differentiate on experience, we have a robust partner ecosystem that allows customers to augment their existing capabilities and easily tap into the latest innovations. These apps include things like AI-powered recruitment coordination and interview scheduling, peer-to-peer employee recognition and rewards options, and financial well-being solutions to help reduce employee stress and increase engagement. Through the SAP App Center, you can quickly discover, try, and adopt complementary apps to expand the ROI of your SAP SuccessFactors investment.

Additionally, through our SAP.iO program, we have invested in disruptors that are pushing the agenda on critical people topics such as well-being, purpose, leadership development, and more.

Leverage the Power of SAP

SAP SuccessFactors solutions help you unleash the full potential of your people while driving results across your business. With our open, secure technology foundation, we make it easy for companies to leverage the power of SAP.

To achieve organizational success, HR must bridge across the business rather than exist in a silo. With many non-HR processes depending on accurate people’s data, it is essential to have a unified experience across finance, procurement, travel and expenses, and more. Using prebuilt integrations to other SAP solutions, you can differentiate your business and accelerate your transformation toward becoming an Intelligent Enterprise.

Summary: Organizations that truly care about – and focus on – maximizing the experience of every employee will win and lead in the future. SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite is designed completely around the needs of end users and what motivates them to perform at their best, helping you keep your employees connected and your business growing.

Objectives:  Align HR with corporate strategy to drive growth.

• Enable an intuitive experience for everyone across all devices.

• Attract, identify, and retain top performers and develop future leaders.

• Comply with global and local regulatory requirements.

• Connect to HR and non-HR applications and processes Solution.

• Robust technology spanning core HR, payroll, talent management, employee experience management, and people analytics.

• Conversational AI and machine learning based tools for collaboration and intuitive experiences.

• Strong partner ecosystem with complementary apps.

• Open, secure technology foundation to connect with SAP solutions Benefits.

• Effectively manage a modern, global workforce.

• Drive higher employee engagement and productivity.

• Improve employee retention and reduce turnover.

• Make faster, informed decisions based on data-driven insight across all HR processes.

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