UtiLitics® SAP Enterprise Preference Management Tool

Existing Customer Preference Center solutions struggle to fully meet the Utilities’ Preference Management requirements. M10TEK has the solution!

M10TEK and uPrefer hosted a live webinar in January 2021. This video is a recording of this live event. We’ll be planning another webinar in the upcoming months. Stay tuned for more information!

The struggle to meet the Utilities’ Preference Management requirements.

  • Currently available third-party solutions sit outside of SAP. Since they aren’t co-located, they can’t easily integrate with the SAP Data Model and related processes such as:
    • Customer master and communication data.
    • Contracts and contract accounts data.
    • SAP transactions like Move Out, Dunning, Remote Disconnection.
    • Giving consent to “relationship partners” for access to specific accounts.
  • Replication of this master and transactional data to the third-party solution involves heavy integration effort and costs.

Enterprise Preference Management (Customer / Employees)

UtiLitics® by uPrefer, is an SAP Premium Certified for CVA (Code Vulnerability Analysis), rapidly deployable, low-cost, and scalable solution built on the current SAP framework, making UtiLitics® an integral part of SAP for Utilities. UtiLitics® eliminates the need for expensive third-party software and integration. UtiLitics® enables companies to effectively communicate with their customers, thereby increasing customer satisfaction. This, while improving sales and marketing campaign results and, ultimately improving bottom line.

UtiLitics® helps Utilities establish a preference center for all stakeholders, employees and other third-party partners.

Key Concerns of the Utility’s Stakeholders

UtiLitics® was developed with the requirements of all stakeholders in mind – Service Representatives, IT, Business Leaders, and most importantly the Customer. Long standing issues have been identified and addressed in a comprehensive, cost effective and rapidly deployed solution.

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