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M10TEK The Premier Talent Agency

M10TEK is the premiere SAP® Digital transformation agency and has been a trusted SAP Premiere Partner for over 20 years.

M10TEK leverages a portfolio of top 5% SAP platinum consultants to optimize a brand’s investment in SAP digital business products and services. M10TEK deploys the best of the best: only the top SAP platinum consultants that support SAP digital business services.

Unlike other partners who support a wide scope of software from multiple vendors, SAP technology is all we do! We are the certified SAP experts.

M10TEK’s turnkey suite of innovative SAP Business Solutions enables brands to solve the industry’s biggest challenges while driving new digital revenue opportunities.


SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM) is part of SAP AG’s Supply Chain Management suite of solutions. The product is an integrated software platform for flexible, automated support for processing goods movements and for managing inventory in the warehouse. The EWM solution was developed broadly based on SAP’s older Warehouse Management (WM), however EWM offers enhanced functionalities and integration options to customers.


  • SAP’s EWM module can handle 90% of any kind of the industry requirement as out-of-the-box solution, which eliminates the need to custom develop your solution.
  • EWM offers both multistep inbound and outbound processes. Inbound processes include unloading, receiving, deconsolidation, packing and storage trips. Outbound processes would be ones like wave management, picking, packing, staging, loading and shipping.
  • Integration with Material Flow Systems (MFS).
  • EWM can help identify optimal storage for materials by using slotting. They can also be rearranged using this process.
  • Offers an RF framework. This makes it easy for customers to personalize their requirements.
  • EWM helps manage transportation units in yard (yard management).
  • Helps management of labor by creating labor standards (labor management).
  • Integrated Quality Inspection Engine (QiE).
  • Streamline and maintenance of warehouse operations (resource management).
  • Cross-Docking is possible. This helps fill for back order parts by minimizing normal putaway and picking process steps.
  • Specialized processes such as packaging and kitting can be added to services.


M10TEK’s experience in EWM includes:

  • Experienced EWM resources that help understand SAP’s best practices, not just the custom development
  • Resources have vast knowledge/experience with Advanced Production Integration, Quality Inspection Engine (QIE), Delivery Types & Categories, Inventory Management and especially Transportation Management (a new popular solution).
  • We can offer a preliminary prototype solution before the realization phase. Many clients insist on this.
  • M10TEK experts understand that it is important to stay away from replicating your current legacy system in the new EWM Solution. This is the one of the biggest mistakes that causes plenty of custom development in EWM Solution unnecessarily.
  • We recognize the importance of staying away or deviating from standard EWM functionalities.
  • We also realize that custom developing Handheld RF Transactions is the root cause of most of the failed EWM projects and we stay away from it.
  • Use EWM RDS Solution (Rapid Deployment Solution) as your start-up guideline for your EWM project.
  • Validate SI’s fit/gap analysis with SAP North America or SAP AG before committing to unnecessary custom developed EWM solution.
  • Technical experts- Delivery Executive (prior SAP solution delivery expertise), Project Manager (SAP project management experience), SAP ECC & EWM Solution Architect (2 or more full cycles SAP solution expertise) and SAP ECC (MM, SD, QM, PP/PI, and Transportation Management) and SAP EWM functional/technical leads (relevant SAP functional or technical expertise), are available for services.


  • SAP EWM project scope when clearly defined in the contract or SOW can transform your business to SAP.
  • With a realistic project plan, detailed WBS and proper resource levelling, your project work plan can be clearly defined to show tasks, activities and milestones that provide accurate visibility of project progress to the leadership.
  • An efficient assessment of end-to-end business requirements traceability (forward and backward), SAP ECC & SAP EWM fit gap analysis, standard SAP process or using a RICEFW objects covering the gap, and finally having at least one test scenario, will ensure smooth coverage in the project.
  • Comprehensive testing of all types of business processes will ensure different kinds of variations are covered.
  • By verifying large and complex SAP solution gaps with SAP America or SAP AG, your project can leverage an alternate solution or build, if available. This would cut high costs in enhancements.
  • Our internal experts can help validate RICEFW and overall realization estimates with your project. RICEF objects form an important part of SAP EWM realization and it is important to analyze their complexity and relevance to ensure smooth functioning.
  • Our experts also review organization change management and training plan with business stakeholders, prepare detailed strategy and execution plan to transform each unit of your organization to SAP.
  • Our project advisors deploy a Change Control Review Board (CCRB) to ensure minimal “pain and suffering” on the project due to excessive change requests. They look for alternatives to avoid or simplify the work effort or financial impact associated with each change request, thereby offering tighter change control governance.