Hiring the M10TEK Platinum Team gives you the expertise needed to transform your organization.

S4 Migration

M10TEK, The Premier SAP Talent Agency provides more than just end-to-end technology services for SAP S/4HANA software. M10TEK’s goal is to provide clarity surrounding the technology, changes in business processes, user adoption, and alignment with overall digital transformation objectives.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is not about new technologies. It is about changing the way a company creates value, excites employees, interacts with its customers and thrives alongside business partners. It is a process change that touches every aspect of the company.

Platinum Solutions

The mission of a Platinum Consultant is multi-faceted. Platinum Consultants are, first and foremost, highly knowledgeable about their area of focus within SAP® solutions. The group represents the top 5% of SAP’s consulting force.

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M10TEK | Join The SAP S/4 Hana Movement.

Any database vendor can make things faster by running processes in memory. SAP HANA software applies its speed to a simpler data model, eliminating redundancies that are common in application design. As a result, you run transactions and analytics from the same data model without having to separate OLTP and OLAP. In this M10TEK blog post we list considerations when determining your transition path to S/4 Hana.


SAP SuccessFactors human experience management – or HXM – helps entirely reinvent the entire employee experience, and equip organizations to create the kind of engagement that delivers consistent and measured improvement in performance. With HXM your customers have an enterprise-wide system of action that improves the everyday experience of your people.

What are clients and partners are saying about M10TEK

“M10 has treated me extraordinarily well in the past, please give my best to the team”.

“It has been a pleasure to work with the SAP and M10TEK teams! They have been very helpful and kind all along the process.”

“My experience with M10TEK is positive, I am happy”.

“My experience with M10TEK is positive, I am happy”.

“M10TEK is an extremely proactive partner to work with, and I do really enjoy cooperating with you!”