IOT Asset Management



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We live in an era where massive amounts of data are generated every second. It is important to understand how our machines and software work so we get a good understanding of a company’s assets. Additionally, in today’s competitive world, the integrity of a product is of utmost importance. In the logistics industry where goods are transported through many means (road, rail or sea), there are environmental factors that affect product integrity. Clients must continue to seek solutions that provide the best possible outcomes while maintaining the integrity of their products. M10TEK’s Asset Monitoring solution is based on an SAP Cloud Platform and can help track, in real-time, the conditions that affect a company’s cargo. It is also sophisticated enough to capture other important product information including:  historical data, packing processes, projection of arrival time and damaged goods information.


  • Monitors temperature, pressure, humidity, shock and tilt changes throughout the journey of your shipments. 
  • Provides alerts if conditions have surpassed specific thresholds defined by your team.
  • Provides a dashboard of current and historic data views for planning and route adjustments.
  • Includes monitoring devices that can be reused with different shipments. 
  • Captures and maintains data in a secure system leveraging the SAP Cloud platform. 


M10’s channel partnership program – IOT Asset Management – offers many highlights including:

  • Planning and optimization
  • Logistics management
  • Service monitoring
  • Real-time shipment tracking
  • Data collection from different sensors and backup in the SAP cloud via satellit


  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Can reduce labor cost hours
  • Can help increase revenues, margin and efficiency
  • Ease of decision making
  • Our experience in ERP and systems implementations enables us to identify project risks and remedies.
  • Our recruiting and delivery teams work with our seasoned staff of industry consultants.
  • Team of in-depth business process analysis experts available to be part of the solution anytime and immediately.
  • Our team comprises many platinum consultants who configure and design solutions and stay engaged long after major projects have been completed.