Landscape & Migration

Landscape & Migration

M10TEK is the premiere SAP® Digital transformation agency and has been a trusted SAP Premiere Partner for over 20 years. 

M10TEK leverages a portfolio of top 5% SAP platinum consultants to optimize a brand’s investment in SAP digital business products and services. M10TEK deploys the best of the best: only the top SAP platinum consultants that support SAP digital business services. 

Unlike other partners who support a wide scope of software from multiple vendors, SAP technology is all we do! We are the certified SAP experts. 

M10TEK’s turnkey suite of innovative SAP Business Solutions enables brands to solve the industry’s biggest challenges while driving new digital revenue opportunities.


One of the most important innovations in the SAP field in the past 10 years has been introduction of SAP HANA. This platform has already, and will, in the next few years, transform the nature of business processes and the way IT environments run. An in-memory data platform that can be used on-premise or in the cloud, SAP HANA can deliver better performance and integration within your SAP landscape. It is therefore very critical that companies carefully assess the HANA landscape, work on sizing, choose a deployment scenario, migrate and clean data, validate the migration process by trials and use proper guidelines. SAP platform-to-platform migrations are important for a variety of reasons that will improve overall efficiency and cut costs in operating databases.


A company can migrate to SAP Suite on HANA now instead putting it off to make the bigger, more complex move to S/4HANA.

  • Each SAP Supported OS and DB platform has its own peculiarities. M10’s platform migration specialists have many years of experience in the support and maintenance of all of the supported platforms and in the peculiarities of migrating between each of them.
  • Each OS platform requires specific OS wide settings, and global and user specific environment variables.
  • Each DB platform requires a variety of settings and approaches to internal settings, memory configuration, CPU utilization and storage implementation.
  • Common migration tools such as DMO, Migration Monitor, Distribution Monitor, R3load, R3ta, Row Based Splitters and others require experience to decide which tools to use and how to best use them.
  • The most recent tools come with a sales pitch to make you think that the newest tool is the best tool. Only experience such as the kind that comes along with our migration experts will be able to help you decide which tools are the best for your situation.
  • Downtime required for a move from one platform to another may vary considerably depending on how you approach the logistic and technical aspects of your project. Our migration experts have a vast track record of making that downtime as low as possible.
  • How do you budget such a project unless you’ve done this before? Our migration experts have been part of the planning of hundreds of platform migration projects. Their input will help you plan the effort and duration of your project with confidence.


  • SAP Platform to Platform Migration entails any move of your SAP Business Suite Products from your current OS and/or Database Platform to any other OS and/or Database Platform.
  • Source and Target OS may include: AIX, Solaris, HPUX, Linux, Windows, z/OS, I-Series.
  • Source and Target DB may include: DB2, Oracle, Sybase ASE, SQL Server, MaxDB, SAP HANA
  • Utilize the benefits of In-Memory database to obtain sub-second & real-time response times to queries of large data-sets
  • Combine OLTP & OLAP into a single system structure – Which will lower number of systems and lower hardware, memory and disk footprint
  • Utilize database level calculation and real-time analytics of HANA with your custom ABAP Code
  • Lower disk space utilization and lower i/o utilization than other Database Platforms
  • Utilize SAP Fiori user Experience
  • A move Business Suite on HANA is simpler, less disruptive and less expensive than a move to S/4HANA
  • If you are a finance industry or to a lesser degree a logistics company, there may be compelling reasons to move to S/4HANA as the advantages in those two areas are profound. However, in all other areas, you will find that Business Suite on HANA will serve you well for some time.
  • All data can be managed in a single in-memory platform.
  • Migration can be performed in waves and be designed by process areas and migration objects.


1, Better synergy and efficiency

Your IT skill sets can be dedicated to a smaller number of products variables. Whether your systems are running on Oracle, SQL Server or DB2, running both SAP and Non-SAP applications, data migration can help grow your organization’s expertise more efficiently by concentrating on one OS & DB solution rather than two or more. We can save time and effort by consolidating to a single OS and DB solution for your enterprise.

2, Enterprise-wide product licensing 

The usage of enterprise-wide licensing contracts differs from one firm to another. Consolidation of OS and DB platforms can help you get the best value out of a licensing contract and allow you to cancel the licensing of unused platforms which can save money.

3, Lower your support costs either internally or externally 

The efficient moving of platforms helps a company retain the right mix of IT personnel to support multiple OS and DB platforms (both employees and third-party contractors). Non-availability of resources or an imbalance of skillsets can be a problem. In most cases, companies subscribe to the manufacturer of the solution for a support contract where they have little control over costs. However, if you are shopping between Oracle, IBM & Microsoft for DB Support and shopping between IBM, Solaris, HP, SUSE, Red-Hat and Microsoft for OS Support, and have workers flexible to travel, you can find the best deal and then make your move to the platform that makes the most sense for you both logistically and financially.

4, Leverage your enterprise-wide support contracts 

Some organizations have enterprise-wide support contracts that support more installations than they are currently utilizing, which means that support dollars are going to waste. Once you’ve decided which of your support contracts are the best value, you can make the decision to consolidate your SAP Applications on the platform where the support dollars are giving you the best value.  Also, once you have consolidated your SAP Solutions on your platform of choice, you can cancel the unused support contracts and save thousands of dollars in support contract costs each year.

5, Hardware lease expiration 

If you lease your hardware, you don’t need to feel locked into your current platform when it’s time to shop for new hardware. Since SAP Business Suite supports all the major operating systems and many of the major database platforms, you can shop for the best deal, the best financing terms and the best fit for your IT staff.

The best platform for your SAP Databases and SAP Applications can also be the best platform for yourself, your staff and your organization for any or all the reasons listed above