Design Thinking & Mobility Solutions



M10TEK is the premiere SAP® Digital transformation agency and has been a trusted SAP Premiere Partner for over 20 years.

M10TEK leverages a portfolio of top 5% SAP platinum consultants to optimize a brand’s investment in SAP digital business products and services. M10TEK deploys the best of the best: only the top SAP platinum consultants that support SAP digital business services.

Unlike other partners who support a wide scope of software from multiple vendors, SAP technology is all we do! We are the certified SAP experts.

M10TEK’s turnkey suite of innovative SAP Business Solutions enables brands to solve the industry’s biggest challenges while driving new digital revenue opportunities.


SAP Fiori helps businesses simplify their processes and make the user experience easy and customer friendly. It is a design language based on user roles and business processes that brings a better user experience to enterprise applications. SAP Fiori can be especially helpful in the manufacturing sector, where businesses typically balance a large customer with dealer and retailer networks across the globe, and where technology, automation and machinery need to be constantly monitored for market success.


Easy to Use:

  • One set of applications helps oversee and resolve SAP functions such as workflow approvals, information lookups, and self-service tasks
  • Accessible on desktops, tablets and mobile devices
  • Subscribes to web and open standards
  • Simplified UI & UX improves visibility and visual appeal

User – Centered:

  • Transforms the user experience and gives design a complete makeover
  • Users can personalize the design aspects of the application, giving a better user experience and more “likeability.”
  • The UX design can be translated to help create Screen Personas and Flavors optimization. 


Design Thinking and Mobility Solutions, offers many highlights:

  • Our highly qualified team has decades of experience across industries (Auto, Pharma, Retail, Manufacturing, Higher Ed, Utilities, Public Sector, Food and Beverages Planning and optimization).
  • We offer competitive rates (more than 25% cost savings) when compared to big consulting firms.
  • We offer free prototyping for SAP UX and Mobility projects
  • We can offer an opportunity to help the customer by assisting them through SAP adoption, Business process standardization and Compliance, Change management and end user training (new & old users).
  • The partnership program can organize interactive workshops on Design Thinking at a customer or plant location. This can actively include end users, LOB specialists, business and IT users.
  • UX Specialists are able to resolve issues in customer design and mobility by capturing business process changes, customization requirements of different SAP modules (such as Plant Maintenance, for example), and translate the user interface to evolve Screen Personas and Flavors optimization.
  • We can offer business transformation in simplifying work order creation, reporting, and notifications.
  • Our UI and UX teams improve working culture from a complicated traditional SAP UI to Screen Personas based UI Excellence.


  • Better productivity and data quality
  • Improved Productivity through personalization and quality of data entry
  • Save training costs and time, resulting in quick return of investment
  • Simplified user experience for material handlers
  • Just-In-Time onboarding and adoption of end user applications
  • 100% SAP compliance and improved data quality