SAP IT Operations Analytics



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SAP Information Technology Operations Analytics (SAP ITOA) is a software solution that uses SAP big data analytics limited earlier to businesses, to IT operations. With SAP ITOA, an organization can now get a proactive, real-time and comprehensive view of its IT operations, which is beyond the realm of previously available fragmented monitoring-only. With its automation capabilities, SAP ITOA helps companies prepare for outages and disruptions in advance. It is a predictive, holistic, real-and analytic solution that digitally transforms IT Operational centers into an IT Operations Center of Excellence.


  • SAP ITOA is an ERP agnostic solution that brings in status and performance data, creates visualizations and issues alerts when predefined thresholds are passed.
  • At its core, ITOA is an Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) solution that correlates performance and event monitoring with real-time analytics.
  • Costs for SAP ITOA are upfront investment, based on the amount of data you retain in hot memory.
  • A company can add many nodes and data sources (akin to a growing extensions directory) to SAP ITOA without impacting cost. As newer data sources are added, SAP ITOA is able to correlate more data for deeper insights, predict more disruptions, and support a holistic view that breaks down operational silos.
  • SAP ITOA has a software license base where every gigabyte of data is retained in hot memory. It has a configurable retention and no charge for date residing on disk.
  • Dynamic tiering is included in SAP ITOA, which means the data can be kept available for longer term analysis in another database and would be available to ITOA users without cost.
  • A predictive analytics library is included for time-series forecasting. Upon implementation, an SAP ITOA immediately begins storing operational data to inform its predictive capabilities.
  • SAP ITOA does not need any third party UI for better visualizations.
  • The focus of SAP ITOA is the health and performance of an IT landscape with a focus on infrastructure.


M10’s channel partnership program – SAP IT Operations Analytics – offers many highlights such as:

  • Highly qualified team with decades of experience across industries to help.
  • Our experts can help with a free value case assessment and payback calculator for your company.
  • We can help set up a roadmap for use cases, prioritize holistic awareness and predictive capabilities in the most sensitive IT areas.
  • The value of the solution can be discovered quickly, the solution implemented in a matter of weeks, and payback realized within months.
  • SAP ITOA is flexible in a manner best suited to you. A company can start small and gradually develop the solution scope in an agile manner.
  • The partnership program allows you to also expand your ITOA system with a managed service or internally manageable roadmap. You can gain maximum value as well as work towards steady progress, without straining teams and budgets.
  • Documenting the measurable results will help guarantee adoption of SAP ITOA.


  • SAP surveys of ITOA customer experiences have revealed that real-time and consolidated view of IT operations reduces Mean Time To Resolution (MTTR) ~50% and higher.
  • Since the implementation can grow progressively (adding use cases, automated scripts, reporting, nodes or data sources at no additional cost), the solution’s value and payback is high.
  • Organizations are able to also control this growth of the system by selectively retaining operating data in hot memory, move to dynamic tiering or schedule deletion items.
  • Improved capacity utilization due to ability to prioritize and orchestrate responses, breakdown resources and reduce duplicate efforts.
  • Reduction of licensing cost.
  • Enhancing overall team and IT system’s agility and responsiveness.