Predictive Transportation Tracking



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Predictive Transportation Tracking (PTT) is an integrated tracking system designed to help logistics executives succeed in today’s complex transportation environment. By leveraging modern Internet of Things (IoT) integration technology, PTT can help firms engaged in logistics, manufacturing, supply chain, freight forwarding and third-party logistics in planning and scheduling. This specialized methodology has been conceptualized and developed as a cloud-based solution and will provide companies with an efficient manner to track shipments in real-time. This solution can help companies address many logistics challenges and act as the ideal performance to integrate differing-aspects of the overall shipment process.


  • Maintain continuous on-time delivery performance thanks to a framework with optimized scheduling and planning. 
  • Estimate fuel and freight costs at the planning stage help you avoid higher expenses due to inappropriate routes.
  • Avoid unscheduled maintenance and repair activities, enabling you to maximize all transportation methods and drivers.
  • Monitor your vehicles and/or shipments at any given point in time, thanks to PTT’s use of the SAP Cloud, IoT integration and mobile software solutions.
  • Incorporate predictive analytics into your logistics efforts – enabling you to adapt quickly to transportation management needs. 
  • Developed completely on SAP HANA Cloud platform.
  • Application can run on all major device platforms including iOS, Android, Windows etc. – flexibility and freedom to use the platforms that work best for your business.


M10’s channel partnership program, PTT, offers many highlights including:

  • Planning and optimization
  • Fuel cost calculation
  • Management of fleet and logistics
  • Calculation of freight costs
  • Real-time tracking of shipments
  • Alerts and notifications that help business combat issues proactively


  • Seamless integration efficiency
  • Can reduce labor cost hours
  • Can help increase revenues, margin and efficiency
  • Reduce processing time and cost with the flexibility to onboard third-party vehicles easily
  • Each solution includes back-up planning – if things do not work as anticipated, we can help identify problem areas and get projects back on track.
  • Our experience in ERP and systems implementations enables us to identify project risks and remedies.
  • Recruiting and delivery teams work with our seasoned staff of industry consultants.
  • Team of in-depth business process analysis experts are available to be part of the solution anytime and immediately.
  • Our team comprises many platinum consultants who configure and design solutions and stay engaged long after major projects have been completed.